Holland MI Garnett Family at Lake Michigan Sunset with O'Chung Photography

Colorful Fall Sunset Shoot with the Garnetts in Holland, MI


If there’s one thing I love, it’s sunsets. Especially in the fall.

There’s just something about glorious colors painted across the sunset sky, with fall leaves gently framing the edges, that brought me to tears as a child trying to capture the scene for others to enjoy. And as a photographer today, it was a fun evening indeed doing just that with a family we love!

With the Garnett Family’s two dogs in tow, we knew we’d need some help. My husband came armed with off-camera lighting, and some friends came along to keep the dogs’ attentions and just join in the fun. The team effort was worth it – we got incredible shots! Then again, it wasn’t hard. Check out the subjects! 🙂

We started at Prospect Park, one of my favorite places to shoot in the fall. The golden light streams perfectly through the trees, and there were plenty of dogs around to distract our subjects!

Garnett Family Funny Labradoodles Distracted Dogs in Fall Leaves at Prospect Park with O'Chung Photography

Come on, dogs, look at the camera! 😉

Eagle Crest Family at Golden Hour in Prospect Park with O'Chung Photography and Labradoodle Dogs in Colorful Fall Leaves: O'Chung Family Teen Photographer

That’s better… good thing we had such great helpers!

Prospect Park Garnett Family in Colorful Leaves at Golden Hour with Labradoodles: O'Chung Family Teen Photography in Holland MI

Prospect Park Family in Colorful Leaves with Labradoodles: O'Chung Family Teen Photography in Holland MI

Eagle Crest Academy Family at Prospect Park Collage Bench with Labradoodles Leaves and Red Frame with O'Chung Photography

Prospect Park Fall Family Shot on Bench with Labradoodles with O'Chung Family Photography in Holland MI

After some time playing in the leaves at Prospect Park, we hurried over to Lake Michigan to catch the sunset next to Big Red. We stopped along the path to catch this one…

O'Chung Family Photography's Big Red Sandy Sunset Sesion on Lake Michigan in the Fall with Labradoodles

…and then made it to the beach at just the right moment! What a beautiful family!
Breathtaking WOW Church Family Reflected Sunset over Lake Michigan with Labradoodles by O'Chung Family Photography

The dogs wanted their turn too… 😉
O'Chung Photography Lake Michigan Sunset with Holland MI Family's Labradoodles

…and so did the people!
Lake Michigan fall Sunset with Eagle Crest Family Garnetts and O'Chung Family Teen Photography

As the sunset disappeared over the horizon, and the light faded away, we took a few more fun pictures by the lighthouse in front of the gorgeous fall foliage before heading together to a fun, friend-filled dinner.
Big Red Folliage in the fall sunset with Eagle Crest Family Garnetts and Labradoodle Dogs



One of my favorite things about photographing new friends and old is helping people to find creative ways to share their favorite photos. I worry when people “simply” buy a CD of their images after their shoot. I know people have the best intentions, but all too often the time a family takes to organize, plan, and take fun pictures at their shoot simply never gets to be enjoyed when life gets busy, the CD gets lost, and/or images never end up printed. I’m more than happy to provide the CD for families as a backup, but my goal is to do the hard work for them and help get their precious memories up on their walls in creative ways to be seen and remembered, as the family deserves. In this case, the Garnett Family decided to display their sunset artwork as a gorgeous canvas on their wall where they can see it and smile every day, along with smaller professional artwork in holiday frames around their house to enjoy. Even their dogs have a great view of the family from their cages! 😉

We were honored to help create the perfect Christmas message for them along with their gorgeous pictures to share with family and friends in a card over the holidays, as well. So fun!

O'Chung Christmas Cards 2016 Fall Prospect Park Lake Michigan Sunset 1

O'Chung Christmas Cards 2016 Fall Prospect Park Lake Michigan Sunset 2

Thanks again, Garnetts, for the chance to help capture part of your family – fluffy members included! And many thanks to all the fabulous behind-the-scene helpers (Morgan, Eric, Sang Mark) who made the day a success. I just hope everyone had as much fun as I did! 😉



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Senior Family O'Chung Photography Holland MI

Theo’s Holland High 2017 Senior + Family Session

Sometimes, the idea of a Senior Shoot just seems a little intimidating. It’s all you, just one person, trying to be yourself with a (granted, friendly and fun-loving) photographer you’ve met once or twice before in your pre-session consultations. Why not have your family jump in and have a few laughs along the way!? Especially when you’re shooting at the park you grew up playing in with your brothers, and even more so when your last family pictures were 12 years before?! In this case we combined two sessions into one, but other seniors have opted to do an add-on and take just a few shots with their family or a few friends.

Theo and his family were a joy to photograph. They were fun, easy-going, and so photogenic! The light was perfect, too… a storm had rolled in right that afternoon, in typical Michigan fashion, but the light broke through just before their shoot.

Here are a few favorites from this sweet, welcoming, adventurous, Star Wars-loving family!

Senior Family O'Chung Photography Holland MI Fun

Senior Family O'Chung Photography Holland MI Sitting BW

Senior Family O'Chung Photography Holland MI Grad and Parents

O'Chung Senior Teen Family Photographer Holland High School Brothers Composite

Senior Family O'Chung Photography Holland MI

O'Chung Senior Teen Family Photography Mama and Sons Holland Public Schools

Senior Family O'Chung Photography Holland MI Sis

Aren’t “little sisters” great!? 😉

And then we focused on Theo. And he rocked his session!

Holland High School O'Chung Male Senior and Teen Sitting

Holland High School O'Chung Male Senior and Teen Brick


Holland High School O'Chung Senior and Teen Photography Silhouette golden light collage

“In my experience, there is no such thing as luck.” “Do or do not – there is no try.” “Now, be brave and don’t look back. Don’t look back.” – Star Wars















J’s Quinceañera Reception in Holland’s Baker Lofts and Kollen Park


“A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous… full of beauty and forever beautiful… loving and caring and truly amazing.” – Deanna Beisser


It was J’s special day, and the backdrop for the quinceañera (or quince, for short) reception was nothing short of perfect. (If you missed part one of J’s quince blog, click here to check it out!)

quinceañera quince decorations baker lofts sweet 15

quince decorations baker lofts collage 2

The damas and chambelanes came in, followed by the princess of the day!

damas and chambelanes entrance quinceanera quince sweet 15 baker lofts holland

quince entrance west michigan photographer baker lofts

quinceanera party baker lofts west michigan

Then they all settled down at the head table… and grabbed their phones. These are teens, after all!

quinceanera quince party cell phones head tableNext came the traditional choreographed quince party dance – they did a gorgeous job, and had a blast while doing it!

quince dancing at Holland MI's Baker Lofts

Quince dance damas and chambelanes West Michigan

Some speeches recognizing the important people in J’s life…

Jade's Quince - Low-Res (113)

quince baker lofts speeches west michigan photography

Jade's Quince - Low-Res (123)

…and then the piñata – a staple at any Hispanic birthday, including, of course, a sweet 15 quince. 🙂

quince pinata west michigan baker

quince piñata sweet 15 birthday

Watch out!

pinata four square + 1 final

Every quince party needs some cake… and a cell phone close by… 😉

quince cake cupcakes phone baker lofts west michigan

And kids with candy ready to rock the dance floor!

quince piñata dancing kids

quince kids dancing baker lofts dance floor photography

To finish off the formal reception, there was one last dance with her daddy, her abuelo, and all those uncles. 🙂

tios uncles father papa abuelo grandpa dancing quince


Happy Happy Sweet 15 quince, J! Thanks for allowing me to capture your night!!

J’s Gorgeous Quinceañera Celebration in Holland’s Baker Lofts and Kollen Park


“Beauty is a radiance that originates from within and comes from inner security and a strong character.”
– Jane Seymour

There are moments in every girls life that make us grow up, with or without our knowledge, and I consider it a distinct privilege to be invited into these precious moments and help capture them for all time. J’s 15th birthday quinceañera celebration at Baker Lofts was one of these occasions for this young woman and her family as she took yet another gorgeous step into her future. It was a celebration of a faith that is fully her own, of an extended family that has stood beside and behind her, and of the amazing faithfulness of a God who has and will continue to make her more and more beautiful inside and out each day as she grows fully into the radiant and joyful woman she was made to be!

I met J and her family for pictures at sunny Kollen Park after a lovely service at our church. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the chance to photograph the ceremony at the church, but all the accessories (shoes, jewelry, tiara) she’s wearing in these pictures were given as symbolic gifts at the service beforehand. Each represented her moving forward into her own faith and not just relying on that of her parents. I love the strong spiritual symbolism!


For those of you who are unfamiliar with the event, a quinceañera is a Hispanic and Latin American coming-of-age celebration for girls that has a lot of similarities to a wedding… without the groom, of course! There’s the gorgeous 15 year old girl…

Jade's Quince - Low-Res (20)

…and her party of damas and chambelanes (girl- and boy- friends), including a “man of honor” who accompanies her throughout the big day.

Jade's Quince - Low-Res (6)

Jade's Quince - Low-Res (44)

Jade's Quince - Low-Res (8)

Of course, what young woman can come of age without a picture with all her uncles? Watch out guys! I’d say this gorgeous girl is in good hands! 🙂Jade's Quince - Low-Res (32)

Jade's Quince - Low-Res (15)

After a few more family and friend pictures, they fixed her dress so she could breathe in the heat, and we grabbed a few more precious pictures with her father before heading to Baker Lofts for the reception.

Jade's Quince - Low-Res (40)

Jade's Quince - Low-Res (51)

Jade's Quince - Low-Res (53)

That dress! And I thought I had a hard time getting into the car after my wedding. I love these shots of her father helping her in!

Jade's Quince - Low-Res (60)

Jade's Quince - Low-Res (61)

In the interest of space, I will be sharing the rest of the fun in a follow-up post later this week. Get ready for more pictures of this incredible young woman (and that dress!), food, choreographed dancing, lots of cell phones (hey, they’re teenagers after all), and of course, a birthday piñata!