Senior Family O'Chung Photography Holland MI

Theo’s Holland High 2017 Senior + Family Session

Sometimes, the idea of a Senior Shoot just seems a little intimidating. It’s all you, just one person, trying to be yourself with a (granted, friendly and fun-loving) photographer you’ve met once or twice before in your pre-session consultations. Why not have your family jump in and have a few laughs along the way!? Especially when you’re shooting at the park you grew up playing in with your brothers, and even more so when your last family pictures were 12 years before?! In this case we combined two sessions into one, but other seniors have opted to do an add-on and take just a few shots with their family or a few friends.

Theo and his family were a joy to photograph. They were fun, easy-going, and so photogenic! The light was perfect, too… a storm had rolled in right that afternoon, in typical Michigan fashion, but the light broke through just before their shoot.

Here are a few favorites from this sweet, welcoming, adventurous, Star Wars-loving family!

Senior Family O'Chung Photography Holland MI Fun

Senior Family O'Chung Photography Holland MI Sitting BW

Senior Family O'Chung Photography Holland MI Grad and Parents

O'Chung Senior Teen Family Photographer Holland High School Brothers Composite

Senior Family O'Chung Photography Holland MI

O'Chung Senior Teen Family Photography Mama and Sons Holland Public Schools

Senior Family O'Chung Photography Holland MI Sis

Aren’t “little sisters” great!? 😉

And then we focused on Theo. And he rocked his session!

Holland High School O'Chung Male Senior and Teen Sitting

Holland High School O'Chung Male Senior and Teen Brick


Holland High School O'Chung Senior and Teen Photography Silhouette golden light collage

“In my experience, there is no such thing as luck.” “Do or do not – there is no try.” “Now, be brave and don’t look back. Don’t look back.” – Star Wars















Siblings playing on carpet Baker Lofts Holland MI

Kids Will Be Kids… (or) What to Expect at Your Session

So often, we expect our kids to be mini-adults at the flick of a button. Don’t get me wrong – I’m a huge believer in holding kids to high standards and expecting them to be respectful and kind! But there are times and days when the filter we wish they had over their mouth… simply disappears. And that gorgeous dress we just put them in? Gets covered in dirt the moment they step out the door. The truth is, there are some things our favorite little people just aren’t capable of doing. Like sitting still for a 30 minute session in their perfectly arranged dress. (Let’s be honest… adults can’t do that either!)

Kids Being Kids Collage O'Chung Children's Photography

And that’s ok. As a K-3 teacher of 6 years, and a lover of littles, I get it. I know kids will be kids, often at the moment we most want them to be mini-adults. I know kids need breaks, and that they need to move. Be ready for your child to be tired after playing hard during their session! Bring a water bottle and a non-messy snack along for break time – these real-life moments make some of the best pictures too! 🙂 Know that you’ll probably be in front of the camera for a few shots as you interact with your child. And be ready for us to transition from one thing to the next just as fast as your child can move.

parents collage


I often say that I’m a “real-life” photographer. I love to incorporate fun, play, and daily life into my sessions, and I am all about helping capture images of your child in the midst of daily life. While I can’t realistically come to your home and follow your child around for a full day, I WOULD like the pictures I take to be some of your favorite memories of this stage of their lives. It’s helpful if you prepare them ahead for the idea of what’s going to happen, but I also know that things rarely go “as planned.” That serious expression, a few tears, or just being a goofy kid having fun? We can work with that!

funny poses faces blog composite O'Chung Photography

So prep your child, tell them my name, and by all means let them know I’m someone you expect for them to listen to and respect. But then, chillax! Remember that your child feeds off of your emotions – they can read us better than we know! So if you’re stressed and worried about getting everything perfect before the shoot, chances are your child will be grumpy and stressed too. Talk with me ahead of time about your concerns*, get everything ready the night before, and then the day of, relax. Bring something to do during the session, and let me do my job. And with a little love, and a lot of running around, I’ll get you some of your most treasured keepsakes that you’ll look back on with smiles for years to come!

Kollen Park Fireworks O'Chung Children's Photographer Expressions Excitement Collage


Notes and Ideas:

*I meet with clients before their shoot either in person or via email to brainstorm and plan together. I love to learn about your child(ren) so I can capture what makes them tick. This consultation time is extra fun if parents come with ideas already in hand or a Pinterest board of styles and ideas you can share! We’ll work together to make this shoot all about your child and YOU!

Superhero Children's Photographer O'Chung Photography Superman

Is your child obsessed with Thomas? Have him bring some trains to tell me about and a conductor’s hat to wear. Super-hero lover? Grab a partial mask and a cape and let them role play. Budding drummer? Bring a few pots and pans for us to set up and a couple of wooden spoons and we’ll let them express themselves as they do at your home. Does your daughter love all things princess and still sings “Let it go” continually? While I’ve found that the super-plasticky Halloween costume dresses don’t make the prettiest pictures, give her a twirly dress and the appropriate hair bows… and whatever other props she plays with continually at your home. I believe in capturing the passions, joys, and favorite aspects of whatever stage of life your child is in. So let me know a few of your child’s favorite things, and we’ll work together to incorporate them in to the forever-memories were about to create and that you’ll love for years to come! They’ll enjoy their time more, their expressions will be more real, and you will forever remember (with a smile) those days of pan-drumming that led to an all-state soloist in high school!


Did you know?!?

Princess O'Chung Photography Inspirational Artwork

Every O’Chung Photography session comes with a free inspirational artwork design, created just for you! Do you have a favorite verse, quote, or something you want your child (or family) to be encouraged by every day in a unique way? Check out a few of our designs, then start dreaming up your own ideas to bring to your consultation before the shoot. We’d LOVE to help make you and your child smile every time they come in the door!



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7 month mirror photography with cap

Sweet 7-Month Musician Photo Shoot in Holland, MI


I got to visit this little one and his mom while the rest of the family was away for the day. I  loved following this sweet little 7-month-old budding musician around! Mom was well-prepared with props, and he was a trooper till the very end with all his adorable outfits. Here’s a bit of our busy shoot. 🙂

With a request from mom, we started off our morning hanging out with a few of his favorite buds.

7 Month music man Buddies

7 month Music Man buddies

Then we moved on to some music. His is a family of musicians, and they’re eager for their littlest member to join the band! In the meantime, though, he seems a bit more interested in eating anything he can get his hands on… and dancing to whatever music mom puts on! 😉

7 month Music Man vintage suitcase guitar play time

7 month Music Man vintage suitcase play time

7 month Music Man play time

Every little one loves mirrors, and this guy is no exception. Say cheese!

7 month Music Man mirror play

7 month Music Man play time

7 month Music Man snuggles

7 month Music Man snuggles

After a snack and a quick change, we were ready to travel again… and get some cuddles from mom!

7 month Music Man travels

7 month Music Man snuggles

Play time included reading in French, a few tears (we all have our moments!), a phone call to daddy, and some fun matching musician band outfits!

7 month Music Man Reading French Book

7 month Music Man Basket Tears

7 month Music Man Basket

7 month Music Man snuggles

7 month Music Man snuggles

7 month Music Man snuggles

Finally, after all this play, this little trooper decided it was either time to start taking his own photos… or maybe just take a nap.

7 month photographer

Sleepy 7 month Music Man cuddles

Snuggles with mom are the BEST! 🙂

And, because every photo shoot with O’Chung Photography includes a personalized, hand-designed inspirational work of art available as an 8×10 or 16×20 print… here’s one for this little adventurer!

Adventure Awaits Low-Res

Thanks for the honor of capturing your precious little man!


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Daily Life Photography Fun with Friends from Kalamazoo

After delaying our trip over Christmas due to sickness, my husband and I got to visit some dear friends who recently moved to Texas. We enjoyed getting away from the freezing Michigan temps and loved getting to hike, explore parts of Texas, and doing daily life with great friends. It’s been a long time since our wedding when we last connected!

Of course, my camera was glued to my hand most of the time, and the girls (who adopted me into the family in Kalamazoo, MI a few years back) were more-than-willing participants in some fun photo-shoots as I captured their daily life! (That is, between each of them taking turns being sick! :P) Here are a few of our favorites.

child portrait sitting inside b/w

colorful child portrait playing outside

light curls child playing outside portrait


girl laying outside back yard

girl playing outside storage door

girl climbing tree fall daily life portrait

girl climbing tree looking out portrait daily life

rock climbing and poses in light b/w

rock climbing curly girl daily life

shadow fun hiking daily life O'Chung


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