Superhero boy playing shooting Holland MI

Favorite Superhero Photo Shoot at Baker Lofts in Holland, MI

Kids love to dress up and act out life in a big way, and this almost-5 year old is no exception. Not only is he one of my favorite little superheroes, but I’m pretty sure this cutey can literally run 100mph! His mom and I had a fun time chasing him around Baker Lofts, capturing his abundant expressions and everything he is excited about in this stage of life!

We stopped for a snack part-way through, and he was bound and determined to act out the William Tell story in pictures! (Good thing he brought his suction-cup bow and arrows!) Other fun props in his bag of tricks included his beloved monkey, a camera of his own, a dump truck, and lots of super-power poses!

I’m thrilled with how these turned out – including a new Photo Poster idea we’ve been playing with here at O’Chung Studios! 🙂













And… the posters! We’re excited to start creating some fun templates that people can choose from to get printed for their kid’s rooms – or their homes :).
(Don’t worry – there are lots of girl versions on their way too!)

Superhero Collage


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Daily Life Photography Fun with Friends from Kalamazoo

After delaying our trip over Christmas due to sickness, my husband and I got to visit some dear friends who recently moved to Texas. We enjoyed getting away from the freezing Michigan temps and loved getting to hike, explore parts of Texas, and doing daily life with great friends. It’s been a long time since our wedding when we last connected!

Of course, my camera was glued to my hand most of the time, and the girls (who adopted me into the family in Kalamazoo, MI a few years back) were more-than-willing participants in some fun photo-shoots as I captured their daily life! (That is, between each of them taking turns being sick! :P) Here are a few of our favorites.

child portrait sitting inside b/w

colorful child portrait playing outside

light curls child playing outside portrait


girl laying outside back yard

girl playing outside storage door

girl climbing tree fall daily life portrait

girl climbing tree looking out portrait daily life

rock climbing and poses in light b/w

rock climbing curly girl daily life

shadow fun hiking daily life O'Chung


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