Family & Kids


Ever feel like life is flying by, with the moments that matter most slipping through your fingers? A tiny hand grasped in your own. That adoring glance showing you’re still their hero. The silly tickle-giggles that make your heart burst into laughter. Hikes through the woods or reading books cuddled on the couch.

These are the moments that bind you together… that you’ll treasure forever.

Yet, the chaos of life whirls by and you’re struggling just to keep up. You want to treasure every moment, but you look up and realize another year has passed, your children have grown, and you only have mobile-phone snapshots to capture the moments that meant the most along the way.

Your family pictures should be about more than Christmas cards. They should make you smile every time you see them… give your children tangible memories of fun family experiences together… and tell the story of your family in a way that your children’s children will feel like they lived it with you.

As your photographer, my goal is to slip quietly into a moment of your daily lives, capture the joyful interactions and loving moments that make your family YOU, then slide out again leaving you with art on your walls that will last for generations and bring you a smile each time you pass by.

Ready to take some much-needed relaxing time creating memories with your family while I take care of the rest?

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