J’s Quinceañera Reception in Holland’s Baker Lofts and Kollen Park


“A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous… full of beauty and forever beautiful… loving and caring and truly amazing.” – Deanna Beisser


It was J’s special day, and the backdrop for the quinceañera (or quince, for short) reception was nothing short of perfect. (If you missed part one of J’s quince blog, click here to check it out!)

quinceañera quince decorations baker lofts sweet 15

quince decorations baker lofts collage 2

The damas and chambelanes came in, followed by the princess of the day!

damas and chambelanes entrance quinceanera quince sweet 15 baker lofts holland

quince entrance west michigan photographer baker lofts

quinceanera party baker lofts west michigan

Then they all settled down at the head table… and grabbed their phones. These are teens, after all!

quinceanera quince party cell phones head tableNext came the traditional choreographed quince party dance – they did a gorgeous job, and had a blast while doing it!

quince dancing at Holland MI's Baker Lofts

Quince dance damas and chambelanes West Michigan

Some speeches recognizing the important people in J’s life…

Jade's Quince - Low-Res (113)

quince baker lofts speeches west michigan photography

Jade's Quince - Low-Res (123)

…and then the piñata – a staple at any Hispanic birthday, including, of course, a sweet 15 quince. 🙂

quince pinata west michigan baker

quince piñata sweet 15 birthday

Watch out!

pinata four square + 1 final

Every quince party needs some cake… and a cell phone close by… 😉

quince cake cupcakes phone baker lofts west michigan

And kids with candy ready to rock the dance floor!

quince piñata dancing kids

quince kids dancing baker lofts dance floor photography

To finish off the formal reception, there was one last dance with her daddy, her abuelo, and all those uncles. 🙂

tios uncles father papa abuelo grandpa dancing quince


Happy Happy Sweet 15 quince, J! Thanks for allowing me to capture your night!!

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